The encounter between the Datome Family, owner and manager of the famous Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites of Golfo Aranci and the Executive Chef Daniele Sechi, gave birth to a gourmet proposal of authenticity of roots and quality, promoting local hand crafted ingredients without forgetting International flavors for innovation and surprise to the buds.


The Datome Family

You will feel the fifty years of passion and dedication to the service of the Guest in the beautiful terrace that the Datome Family owns on the Beach Terza Spiaggia in Golfo Aranci. Born with the desire to offer a gourmet experience of our Sardinian cuisine, refined and traditional, linked to the purest roots of manual heritage and craftsmanship, the Blu Restaurant will offer a legacy of few, selected producers revised with wisdom and art by the Chef Daniele Sechi and his kitchen brigade.

At Blù Restaurant we believe that Harmony is a main ingredient in the bigger mechanism of a Kitchen, and every single gear must fit neatly into the other to give a successful and well balanced result. This is why the Blù Restaurant Brigade is a team of carefully trained professionals, a close-knit team well tested in time.


Daniele Sechi

Executive Chef

The creative and executive head of the Blu Brigade is our passionate Chef Daniele Sechi. Young and ambitious “self-made” Chef, Daniele Sechi has grown not just thanks to a rigid school education, but through hard work in many kitchens around the world, thanks to his insatiable curiosity and courageous vision of other chefs (Franco Alba, Davide Zanni, Sergio Mei) who recognized and nurtured his natural talent.
Daniele defines himself as a Mediterranean Chef, in continuous search for ancient recipes and original flavours to rearrange and propose through contemporary cooking methods, combining aromas of infused herbs with the numerous Sardinian excellences that our land so generously grants . Estimator of the Fregula Sarda, he made it the flagship dish of the Blù Restaurant. Try it in the many versions that Daniele creates.