A trip of taste through the flavors of Sardinia is a different and worthy way to explore and discover the mouthwatering treasures of our territory.
The finest Sardinian recipes that have been handed down for centuries from mother to daughter are now at risk of extinction. At Blù Restaurant you will have the extraordinary opportunity to order the rarest and most refined handicraft products that come from the hands of the last housewives able to make them. Here are the main excellences that we are pleased to offer you.


La Fregula

Originality, authenticity and uniqueness characterize the most famous and incredible Fregula Sarda, that you can locally find in white and more rarely in black. Its color comes from the natural coal with which it is processed, a semolina and water pasta made strictly by hand, let dry with a long process to preserve its organoleptic properties. Three measures of Fregula are distinguished: the Blù Restaurant works and proposes the medium size.


Le Lorighittas

This extraordinary Italian pasta comes from Morgongiori Village, in the province of Oristano, where it is still handcrafted by the housewives. “Sa loriga” means “ring” in ancient Sardinian, and this is the form that gives the name to this ancient recipe of which there is no mechanical realization, and is therefore a most exclusive, refined niche product.


I Filindeus

Original recipe of Nuoro, the “Threads of God” take this name because they are thin strands of dough kneaded for hours until they form 256 thinnest threads of semolina and water, let dry onto a round wooden shelf. Due to the most difficult hand process, the Filindeus are considered the rarest pasta in the world, an incredible heritage destined to disappear because of its most engaging human process that takes high skillfulness and time.